‘Do men make better investors than women?’ ‘No’ says Boring Money’s Holly Mackay


Founder of investment website Boring Money, Holly Mackay, catches up with Yahoo Finance UK to discuss, among other things, whether women make better investors than men.

Do women make better investors than men?

If you look at investing, it is one of the most stark areas when it comes to the ‘gender gap’. We recently published research showing that 24% of men invest online, compared to only 9% of women. Also, 22% of men have a stocks & shares ISA compared to just 11% of women.

Can newspapers survive the digital age?


Newspaper sales continue to slide, while online revenues are not making up the shortfall. Amid the gloomy headlines, is there an opportunity for investors?

Along with revelations about phone hacking, MPs’ expenses and corrupt sporting officials, one story has dominated Fleet Street over the last two decades. The exponential rise of the internet and smart phones has shaken up the industry, fuelling a slide in sales and advertising revenue. Some observers have concluded that newspapers, or their print editions at least, may soon be spiked.